XCoinCH facilitates exchanging cross chains

XCoinCH can help you exchange ERC-20 tokens and EOS-based tokens cross chains. The exchange is performed straightforward, no need to exchange with an intermediary cryptocurrency like exchanging token-A to ETH/EOS then exchanging ETH/EOS to token-B.

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XCoinCH requires zero initial deposit

XCoinCH doesn’t require registration. Creating an account is just for order management. Because the submission of collaterals is executed whilst sending the order, an initial deposit is not required. This can help mitigate the risk of exit-scams.

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XCoinCH works like SWIFT in DeFi

XCoinCH is a clearing house function in the crypto-industry. SWIFT helps the payments between inter-banks find a better route internationally. XCoinCH works like SWIFT and helps the payments between DEX nodes find a better route across blockchains.

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Trade on Demand

No initial deposit is required. You trade on demand. The submission of collaterals is executed whilst sending the order. Exit-scam risk-free.

Segregated Accounts

DEX doesn’t hold accounts. All funds are held by clients on their own. Duplicated registration is not needed. Private-key is visible only to the owner of the key.

Cross Chains

Exchanging tokens issued on different blockchains is decentralized. Not like swap, a liquidity pool is not required. Order matching is based on the order book.

White Label Enabled

White Label can be used for small institutions. White label licensees can focus on marketing instead of being involved in massive tech developments and costs.

External Wallets

External wallets guarantee the security maximumly. Clients don’t need to expose any sensitive information such as their private keys, passwords, seed words.

Clearing House

Clearing House guarantees the counterparty risk-free. The DEXs that cooperate with us as the collateral storage nodes need to deposit enough margin.

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White Label

  1. No need to develop smart contracts.

  2. Distributed architecture makes integration easier. WEB-based, no high tech threshold.

  3. Low cost to list cryptocurrencies.

  4. Flexible to determine the exchange fee.

  5. Serves as a correspondent bank in inter-banks transferring.

  6. Order book based matching, no liquidity pool required.

  7. Credit risk dispersion.

About XCoinCH

Fintechee is our main product. When we started to develop a payment gateway plugin applied on Fintechee, we figured out that blockchains lack a platform to facilitate exchanging cross chains. That’s why we developed XCoinCH to help traders exchange crypto assets cross chains. XCoinCH is a clearing house to facilitate the exchange of tokens(cryptocurrencies). Currently, Ethereum and EOS are supported. All ERC-20 based tokens can be exchanged via our platform. XCoinCH serves as an intermediary between different blockchains. We will support more blockchains in the future.

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